Protect Your Belongings Today

Join our tenant protection program with Bader for more peace of mind while storing at any Premium Storage Facility.

Tenant Protection

Protect your storage against the unexpected! Premium Storage values our tenants and the belongings they store. Premium Storage has partnered up with Bader Insurance to offer our tenants coverage of their belongings in storage. Bader Insurance offers different plans depending on the coverage you need.

We recommend Tenant Protection over homeowner's insurance because:
Your stored items may not be covered by your homeowner's policy.
Your premium could go up if you file a claim.
Your homeowner's policy could be canceled if you file a claim.

Coverage Options

Add tenant protection when renting a unit or add to an existing rental by reaching out to your facility manager or through your online account.

** Tuttle Facility Coverage Options Available Upon Request **

$2,000.00           $10.00/month

$3,000.00           $15.00/month

$5,000.00           $25.00/month

$10,000.00         $49.00/month

$20,000.00         $98.00/month

How to File a Claim

Call Us!

Make sure you let your facility manager know that you are wanting to file a claim with Bader Insurance.

For claims involving crime, have a police officer visit the unit and file a police report.

Contact Bader Insurance

Make sure that you contact Bader and have pictures of the damage and the source of the damages you are filing a claim for.

Contact Bader Insurance: (888) 202-2337

DO NOT throw anything away before speaking with a claims specialist!

File Your Claim Online

Click here to start filing your claim online with Bader Insurance!